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Charla Marketing is born

Updated: Jul 8

After a bit of a rocky ride during lockdown, I decided to go it alone by creating a business that I love and that works for me. So, Charla Marketing was born and here's my story.

I am Jo and I am the person behind Charla Marketing, offering consultancy services which range from marketing strategy, campaign planning, digital marketing, analysis, advice, website review, best-practice and Facebook ad management.

My goal is to help passion-based businesses with a cause, by improving their marketing efforts. From solo/entrepreneurs to smaller businesses, I use my 15+ year's experience to outline a solid marketing strategy that’s designed and tailored for success.

Combined with my work experience is my Spanish heritage and love for all things social. I have always enjoyed communicating, learning about new things and what people enjoy which when applying to marketing has always been useful.

At Charla – which means to talk or chat in Spanish – the focus is on ensuring we effectively talk to customers with the right messaging at the most opportune time. This is what I help my clients achieve.

If you would like to know how Charla can help you and your business have meaningful conversations with your ideal customers, please contact me.

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